LETHE: Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most commonly asked questions about Lethe: Episode One and compiled them into this FAQ. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at

What about <insert language here> localization?
As mentioned before, we would very much like to support multi-language localization for Lethe: Episode one; However, as a small company we’re relying solely on our product’s sales and this kind of (big) overhaul is currently simply out of reach.
Because we know there is a demand, we would like to extend an invitation to localization groups who have already made a localization for Episode One or worked on quality translations before, to contact us and provide us with their material, so that at a later point in time we might be able to make this a reality.

What about motion sickness?
Previously there have been requests for a way to limit the amount of camera sway, in case of motion sickness or nausea; Because of these requests we have pr…

Hotfix 1.2.12 for Lethe Ep1

Today marks the update of the game with the 1.2.12 update/hotfix that will solve the reported issues with the Librarian and Escape Artist achievements, plus a minor save system improvement.

If you meet the two achievements' criteria, they will be unlocked as soon as you load your saved game in the final map.

We've also taken the opportunity to give our website a facelift and updated our blog accordingly:
Main website: koukoustudios.comGame page: We're still working on the Press page, so expect it to be up again soon.

If you face any issues please refer to this guide. If the problem persists please let us know in the support forums or contact us directly at

Lethe:Ep1 gets Steam Achievements

Lethe: Episode One gets updated to version 1.2.10 introducing several game improvements and 19 steam achievements.
1.2.10 ChangelogEnabled Achievements for the default branch;Minor tweaks.1.2.9 ChangelogResolved some reported and unreported issues with the Achievements;Small improvements to the frame-rate at the start of some levels;Added anti-Nausea mode in the config. Check out the details here.Minor improvements to stability.1.2.7 ChangelogAdded support for 19 steam achievements.;Upgraded to the latest version of the Unreal Development Kit;Smoother character animation blending;Minor AI improvements;Fixed sound issues. With the game’s engine upgrade to the latest version of the Unreal Development Kit a lot of files have been modified. The configuration files will be recreated and your in-game settings will most likely be reset.

If you face any issues please refer to this guide. If the problem persists please let us know in the support forums or contact us directly at support@koukoust…

Lethe Ep1: Top 10 User Screenshots

A video game is nothing without its community these days. Every time we visit Lethe’s community section on Steam we are reminded of that and we’d like to thank you for your contributions!
While videos and "Let’s Plays" are the first things to catch the eye, we decided to make a post about the hidden gems of our community: Screenshots! There’s a great number of high quality user screenshots available on steam and as you understand, making them all fit in a single post is nearly impossible. By ignoring their current community rating, we decided to create a top ten of what we believe to be the best user screenshots to date. The main two judgement rules were the color palette and how well each shot connects with Lethe’s theme, mood and philosophy. We also picked only one screenshot per creator and one per in-game focal point and/or character.
Don’t forget to share your own screenshots and videos! Enjoy!
Created by Skyline:

Created by Fobeus:

Created by REpO MaN

Created …